Old- Kingmaker

Hunters and Pipeweed

Myla and Kal decided to head out on their own and explore some territory to the north of Olegs that should be less hostile than the south. Makail went with Oleg to secure some horses for the group (ended up with 7 horses and full equipped at a very good price). Sepkin remained at Olegs working on his golem and gathering the resources need to build a forge and smithy. Though none of the party was there to see it, a large golden sunflower has grown over the resting place of Keir.

Myla ended up exploring quite a bit of the area and met a family of pipeweed farmers, the Mclachlans in the lower part of Rostlands Swath. They gave her some pipeweed after hearing about how the party is cleaning up the bandit problem in the region. She also met a friendly, if brash, dwarven hunter named Nemet Hessing who had set up camp a few miles north of Olegs. He is always interested in big or exotic game in the area. He traded MYLA some warg pelts and raptor meat in exchange for information about another pack of wargs and a Roc that may be living in the area. Myla discovered a somewhat hidden lake full of fish and other wildlife just northeast of Olegs. When she returned, she asked Oleg about getting to gather material and workers to help her construct a personal home on the lake.


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