Old- Kingmaker

A Friend Twice Dead

This week starts out at Olegs outpost. A gnome with a golem arrives at the fort and introduces himself as Sepkin Tumblerroot. Makail had run into him in the past and let him know about the charter and opportunity they now had. Sepkin came in and made himself at home. Later int he day Keir and the prisoner arrived, but had a big surprise. During his stay at the gold mine camp, Keir had assisted a druid against a band of gnolls and been killed. The druid resurrected him, but he came back as a half-female. He decided to bring the bandit back to Olegs and ask the others what to do. The ladies in the group tried to help hm adjust to his new form (and hilarity ensued). While this was happening Makail questioned and then executed the bandit. Keir was upset, but Makail told him the bandit had tried to attack him, defusing the situation. The next day the party decided to set of and do some exploring. They met a crazy old hermit named Bokken. He didn’t have a lot of helpful information, but did offer the PCs a discount on potion if they helped him acquire some fang berries. The group went on exploring and encountered a huge grizzly bear. Forgetting her new frailer form, Keir rushed in and was killed by the massive beast. Makail and the others managed to bring the bear down, but not before it did a good deal of damage to Sepkin’s construct Vanguard. Solemnly, the party decided to return so the sunflower field that Keir had seen as a sign from Pelor. They buried her there amongst the flowers and said a few words. They then headed to Olegs to take a few days off and tell their friends what had happened.


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