Old- Kingmaker

Of Mites and Kobolds

The three adventures followed the might tracks which lead them to a tunnel beneath a mighty old sycamore tree. The try encountered a hive of mites ad summarily wiped them out. They rescued a very grateful kobold named Micmak. He helped them during the fight and related to them the story of the woes of his tribe. He said, according to the tribes shaman, they are cursed by a god named “old sharp tooth” because they allowed the mites to steal his statue. After recovering the statue and noting it had no magic properties the party headed to the kobold tribe’s cave. They returned to statue to the Chief instead of the shaman Tartuk at Micmak’s request, Micmak had always been fearful of the recently arrived shaman and doesn’t trust him. Chief Sootscale smashed the statue and rallied his warriors to attack the shaman. He asked the players to help and they did. After a short, but explosive battle Tartuk lay dead and the tribe was liberated from the curse. Makail then talked with the Chief telling him to behave and they would allow the tribe to live in peace. The chief said they would obey “Makhail Firebringer” and made the PCs honorary members of the tribe. They executed the last mite prisoner they had captured and bid the PCs farewell. Myla discovered, through the reading of his journal, that there was no real curse ad the shaman had actually been an evil gnome named Rudibake. He was transformed into a kobold after a resurrection and had spent his last few years sabotaging kobold tribes in the region. The party returned to Olegs for a much needed rest.

Remlin and Powder Kegs

Myla, Kal, and Makail set off to explore more of the land west and south of Olegs. They found some pristine hunting grounds for peasant and other wildlife and discovered a heard of 60 or so wild March horses (horses from Westmarch characterized by a body color ranging from sandy yellow to reddish-brown, a dark stripe down the middle of its back, and usually darker face, tail, mane and legs)live in the area. They discovered a section of the forest continuing some dark gnarled trees, but none of them were able to identify the mysterious wood. They encountered and killed a trap door spider, claiming its small treasure and a map of ruins to the south. They met a retired dwarven adventurer, Remlin, who lives in a small shack out in the hills. He was gruff at first, but became quite friendly when Myla offered him some pipeweed. He told them of the area surrounding his camp, including details of the spider, the Imperial ruins to the south, the haunted ferry crossing just to the south, and the Kolbold settlement down by the Shrike river. The group ventured to the ferry and were confronted by an undead creature callings itself Nettle. It requested the stags lords body be thrown to it as it slowly walked towards the group on the surface of the water. The group said they would see what they could do, and quickly rode off, unable to cross the river and finish exploring the area. The next day they located the Imperial ruins and used the map from the spiders den to discover a forgotten cache of supplies. Most were rusted, decayed and useless, but a few were still usable (including 6 barrels of a black powder with the word “NO FLAME!” written on the side) – can be viewed here The Stash. They packed up the goods and headed south. They encountered an area of rollign hills with numerous trails and path crisscrossing about. They followed these south and were ambushed by a group of mites and a giant centipede. They quickly eliminated the mites, but were forced to detonate one of the powder kegs to drive off the centipede.

Hunters and Pipeweed

Myla and Kal decided to head out on their own and explore some territory to the north of Olegs that should be less hostile than the south. Makail went with Oleg to secure some horses for the group (ended up with 7 horses and full equipped at a very good price). Sepkin remained at Olegs working on his golem and gathering the resources need to build a forge and smithy. Though none of the party was there to see it, a large golden sunflower has grown over the resting place of Keir.

Myla ended up exploring quite a bit of the area and met a family of pipeweed farmers, the Mclachlans in the lower part of Rostlands Swath. They gave her some pipeweed after hearing about how the party is cleaning up the bandit problem in the region. She also met a friendly, if brash, dwarven hunter named Nemet Hessing who had set up camp a few miles north of Olegs. He is always interested in big or exotic game in the area. He traded MYLA some warg pelts and raptor meat in exchange for information about another pack of wargs and a Roc that may be living in the area. Myla discovered a somewhat hidden lake full of fish and other wildlife just northeast of Olegs. When she returned, she asked Oleg about getting to gather material and workers to help her construct a personal home on the lake.

A Friend Twice Dead

This week starts out at Olegs outpost. A gnome with a golem arrives at the fort and introduces himself as Sepkin Tumblerroot. Makail had run into him in the past and let him know about the charter and opportunity they now had. Sepkin came in and made himself at home. Later int he day Keir and the prisoner arrived, but had a big surprise. During his stay at the gold mine camp, Keir had assisted a druid against a band of gnolls and been killed. The druid resurrected him, but he came back as a half-female. He decided to bring the bandit back to Olegs and ask the others what to do. The ladies in the group tried to help hm adjust to his new form (and hilarity ensued). While this was happening Makail questioned and then executed the bandit. Keir was upset, but Makail told him the bandit had tried to attack him, defusing the situation. The next day the party decided to set of and do some exploring. They met a crazy old hermit named Bokken. He didn’t have a lot of helpful information, but did offer the PCs a discount on potion if they helped him acquire some fang berries. The group went on exploring and encountered a huge grizzly bear. Forgetting her new frailer form, Keir rushed in and was killed by the massive beast. Makail and the others managed to bring the bear down, but not before it did a good deal of damage to Sepkin’s construct Vanguard. Solemnly, the party decided to return so the sunflower field that Keir had seen as a sign from Pelor. They buried her there amongst the flowers and said a few words. They then headed to Olegs to take a few days off and tell their friends what had happened.

Bandits at Olegs

Last session Myla and Kal awoke to find themselves alone in the storm ravaged hex that contains the now empty. Having weather a fierce tornado they set out back in the direction of Oleg’s post. They continued to get pranked by some mischievous fey and were not able to appease them or make contact. They dodged peril by slipping past a wondering owlbear before happening onto a large clearing in the forest which contained a moonradish patch. A group of stuffed kobolds was laying about and napping in the lush glade. Myla and Kal decided to wait for them to leave, which they did after a time. Myla collected a bushel of radishes for Sletvana. They then headed to Olegs. (A new hex explored!)

They arrived at Olegs and informed the people of their success against the bandits. The hunters and Levetons celebrated will wine and good food. Myla was approached by a man named Jhod Kavken who claims to be a retired cleric looking for a lost temple of Voltain. Shortly there after, Mikhail arrived and sold 10 silver Staglord amulets to Oleg and he promptly nailed them to the wall of his house. The PCs decided to stick round and see if any bandits showed up, as they were expected soon. The PCs recruited a hunter named Sweetie Bell Donaldson (his mother wanted a girl) and have him on retainer to keep watch and help out around Olegs. The bandits arrived a few days later. The PCs were ready for them and the fight was short and fiery. After a minute 4 roasted bandits and 3 roasted horses were all that remained. Mikail took an arrow to the chest, but was quickly healed by Jhod. The group cleaned up the mess and and Oleg added 4 more amulets to his wall.


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