Mclaughlin Family

A family of 6. Father and 5 children. Mother is desceased.


AngusAngus – Father – 55
Alliea – Oldest Daughter – 20 (Very attractive)
Blair – Oldest Son – 18
Duncan – Son – 15
Alister – Son – 12
Murin – Youngest daughter – 6

Myla and Kal met these pipeweed farmers in the plains northeast of Olegs. At first they were suspicious of the strangers, but Myla quickly eased their fears with friendly talk and news that the bandits have been driven from the north. Angus said the bandits visited him frequently to take pipeweed for which they said he owed them for “protection” and to make advances at his daughter who is quite lovely. Luckily for him, his pipeweed is excellent and the bandits enjoyed it so much they never perused their lustful thoughts to the point that might cause Angus to abandon his farm and more on. In thanks for their parts in getting rid of the bandits he gave both Kal and Myla a pouch of his best pipeweed.


Russian peasant girl summer

Mclaughlin Family

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