Old- Kingmaker

Of Mites and Kobolds

The three adventures followed the might tracks which lead them to a tunnel beneath a mighty old sycamore tree. The try encountered a hive of mites ad summarily wiped them out. They rescued a very grateful kobold named Micmak. He helped them during the fight and related to them the story of the woes of his tribe. He said, according to the tribes shaman, they are cursed by a god named “old sharp tooth” because they allowed the mites to steal his statue. After recovering the statue and noting it had no magic properties the party headed to the kobold tribe’s cave. They returned to statue to the Chief instead of the shaman Tartuk at Micmak’s request, Micmak had always been fearful of the recently arrived shaman and doesn’t trust him. Chief Sootscale smashed the statue and rallied his warriors to attack the shaman. He asked the players to help and they did. After a short, but explosive battle Tartuk lay dead and the tribe was liberated from the curse. Makail then talked with the Chief telling him to behave and they would allow the tribe to live in peace. The chief said they would obey “Makhail Firebringer” and made the PCs honorary members of the tribe. They executed the last mite prisoner they had captured and bid the PCs farewell. Myla discovered, through the reading of his journal, that there was no real curse ad the shaman had actually been an evil gnome named Rudibake. He was transformed into a kobold after a resurrection and had spent his last few years sabotaging kobold tribes in the region. The party returned to Olegs for a much needed rest.


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