Old- Kingmaker

Bandits at Olegs

Last session Myla and Kal awoke to find themselves alone in the storm ravaged hex that contains the now empty. Having weather a fierce tornado they set out back in the direction of Oleg’s post. They continued to get pranked by some mischievous fey and were not able to appease them or make contact. They dodged peril by slipping past a wondering owlbear before happening onto a large clearing in the forest which contained a moonradish patch. A group of stuffed kobolds was laying about and napping in the lush glade. Myla and Kal decided to wait for them to leave, which they did after a time. Myla collected a bushel of radishes for Sletvana. They then headed to Olegs. (A new hex explored!)

They arrived at Olegs and informed the people of their success against the bandits. The hunters and Levetons celebrated will wine and good food. Myla was approached by a man named Jhod Kavken who claims to be a retired cleric looking for a lost temple of Voltain. Shortly there after, Mikhail arrived and sold 10 silver Staglord amulets to Oleg and he promptly nailed them to the wall of his house. The PCs decided to stick round and see if any bandits showed up, as they were expected soon. The PCs recruited a hunter named Sweetie Bell Donaldson (his mother wanted a girl) and have him on retainer to keep watch and help out around Olegs. The bandits arrived a few days later. The PCs were ready for them and the fight was short and fiery. After a minute 4 roasted bandits and 3 roasted horses were all that remained. Mikail took an arrow to the chest, but was quickly healed by Jhod. The group cleaned up the mess and and Oleg added 4 more amulets to his wall.


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