Old- Kingmaker

Remlin and Powder Kegs

Myla, Kal, and Makail set off to explore more of the land west and south of Olegs. They found some pristine hunting grounds for peasant and other wildlife and discovered a heard of 60 or so wild March horses (horses from Westmarch characterized by a body color ranging from sandy yellow to reddish-brown, a dark stripe down the middle of its back, and usually darker face, tail, mane and legs)live in the area. They discovered a section of the forest continuing some dark gnarled trees, but none of them were able to identify the mysterious wood. They encountered and killed a trap door spider, claiming its small treasure and a map of ruins to the south. They met a retired dwarven adventurer, Remlin, who lives in a small shack out in the hills. He was gruff at first, but became quite friendly when Myla offered him some pipeweed. He told them of the area surrounding his camp, including details of the spider, the Imperial ruins to the south, the haunted ferry crossing just to the south, and the Kolbold settlement down by the Shrike river. The group ventured to the ferry and were confronted by an undead creature callings itself Nettle. It requested the stags lords body be thrown to it as it slowly walked towards the group on the surface of the water. The group said they would see what they could do, and quickly rode off, unable to cross the river and finish exploring the area. The next day they located the Imperial ruins and used the map from the spiders den to discover a forgotten cache of supplies. Most were rusted, decayed and useless, but a few were still usable (including 6 barrels of a black powder with the word “NO FLAME!” written on the side) – can be viewed here The Stash. They packed up the goods and headed south. They encountered an area of rollign hills with numerous trails and path crisscrossing about. They followed these south and were ambushed by a group of mites and a giant centipede. They quickly eliminated the mites, but were forced to detonate one of the powder kegs to drive off the centipede.


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